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R.M.D. Sales & Corporation

R.M.D. Sales & Corporation a leading coal handling & transporting house of central India having 2 years of services of excellence. The company is rendering the services of coal trading, transporting, linkages along with package services for coal transaction related other jobs since years establishing its countrywide presence for their esteemed clients.


Explore sources across the globe to perform for excellence for the inland clients.


Qualitative & Quantitative service to the clients with Excellence, Economy & Efficiency


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Steam Coal

We specialize in offering a wide range of Steam Coal, to our most valuable clients situated all over the globe. The offered range is sourced from the different subsidies of coal India.

Reject Coal

It considers in detail the use of fluidized-bed combustion as a means of lessening rejects disposal problems, as a method of recovering energy for drying, steam raising and electricity production and as a source of ash as a substitute for natural aggregate.

Coal Westage for Power Plants

Waste coal is usually composed of mixed coal, soil, and rock (mine waste). Most waste coal is burned as-is in unconventional fluidized-bed combustors. For some uses, waste coal may be partially cleaned by removing some extraneous noncombustible constituents.

Imported Coal

Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams.

Coal Grades

The gradation of non-coking coal is based on Useful Heat Value (UHV), the gradation of coking coal is based on ash content and for semi coking / weakly coking coal it is based on ash plus moisture content , as in vogue as per notification.

Grades of Coking Coal

Grade Ash Content
Steel Grade - I Not exceeding 15%
Steel Grade -II Exceeding 15% but not exceeding 18%
Washery Grade -I EExceeding 18% but not exceeding 21%
Washery Grade -II Exceeding 21% but not exceeding 24%
Washery Grade -III Exceeding 24% but not exceeding 28%
Washery Grade -IV Exceeding 28% but not exceeding 35%

Grades of Non-Coking Coal

Grade Useful Heat Value (UHV) (Kcal/Kg) UHV= 8900-138(A+M) Corresponding Ash% + Moisture % at (60% RH & 40OC) Gross Calorific Value GCV (Kcal/ Kg) (at 5% moisture level)
A Exceeding 6200 Not exceeding 19.5 Exceeding 6454
B Exceeding 5600 but not exceeding 6200 19.6 to 23.8 Exceeding 6049 but not exceeding 6454
C Exceeding 4940 but not exceeding 5600 23.9 to 28.6 Exceeding 5597 but not exceeding. 6049
D Exceeding 4200 but not exceeding 4940 28.7 to 34.0 Exceeding 5089 but not Exceeding 5597
E Exceeding 3360 but not exceeding 4200 34.1 to 40.0 Exceeding 4324 but not exceeding 5089
F Exceeding 2400 but not exceeding 3360 40.1 to 47.0 Exceeding 3865 but not exceeding. 4324
G Exceeding 1300 but not exceeding 2400 47.1 to 55.0 Exceeding 3113 but not exceeding 3865

Grades of Semi-coking and Weakly Coking Coal

Grade Ash + Moisture Content
Semi coking grade - I Not exceeding 19%
Semi coking grade - II Exceeding 19% but not exceeding 24%

Grades of NEC Coal

Grade UHV (Kcal/Kg) Corresponding Ash% + Moisture %age
A 6200-6299 18.85 - 19.57
B 5600 - 6199 19.58 - 23.91

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